WoodWriter : The Art & Engravings of George Walker

Documentary 1-hour profiling the renowned Canadian woodcut artist, engraver and graphic novelist
George A. Walker.

From beginnings in the world of visual art in late 1970’s through to his award-winning ‘wordless’ graphic books
on Canadian luminaries (among them Leonard Cohen, Mary Pickford and Pierre Trudeau), George Walker has also been honored for his 35-year tenure as Book Arts faculty member and professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Extensive interviews, unusual travelogues and humorous insights combine with a bridging 19th-century printing methods with current millenium technology. WoodWriter takes an engaging passage inside this little-known world, filled with eccentric characters and wordless stories!

Director/Producer: Jeff Winch, OpticZoo Films
Music Score: Nicholas Stirling
Canadian Release: Fall 2021