“Collective City” documentary series


Directors- Richard Mongiat & Dave Sylvestre
Music Scoring & Sound Mix: Nicholas Stirling
Collective City is the brainchild of visual artists Richard Mongiat & Dave Sylvestre.
This 25 x 15min. series in production since 2013, focuses a lense to Toronto’s impressive history of arts collectives from 1985 to the present and future.

MAY 2024: upcoming “Dead Industry” & “Impure” collectives episode #19 TBC
MARCH 2024: “Domestic’ collective episode #18 completed
JUNE 2023: “Wave Arts” collective episode #17 completed
SEPTEMBER 2022: “Outlaw Neon” collective episode #16 completed
MAY 2022: “Art Spin” collective episode #15 completed
MARCH 2022: “Name 10 Parts Of The Body” collective episode #14 score completed
OCT 2021: “TwentyTwenty Arts” collective episode #12 score completed
JULY 2021: “23rd Room” collective episode #13 score completed

WoodWriter: The Wordless Art Of George A. Walker

Montreal 41st Festival of Films On Art, March 25, 2023

OnArt 2022 Film Festival,Poland

14th International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala, India, August 26th 2022

30th Chichester International Film Festival UK August 20, 2022

• June 6, 2022- Private member screening Arts & Letters Club of Toronto

• Cast screening of Woodwriter 
May 20, 2022 Royal Theatre in Toronto

March 2022: ‘Woodwriter’ feature documentary
Director- Jeff Winch (Animal Tracks, Bending The Rails)
Music Score / Arrangements: Nicholas Stirling
A spirited profile of award-winning Canadian woodcut artist/engraver, author George A. Walker, from his rural roots to established creator of many award-winning ‘wordless’ books, published as limited collector editions through his own bespoke press, and commercially through Firefly Books Canada.